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Rahmi Orhon Pak


Rahmi Orhon Pak

Electrical Engineer (PhD)


We can meet from here: You can learn of My Projects and get in touch with me.

I am currently solving problems related to neighbor relations, legal issues, ownership, repairs and renovation of my home. (2024)

Professionally: I am looking for work on the following subjects:
0) Real scientific, engineering, and technical work in Europe.
1) Advertising and e-trading for companies in Turkey and Europe.
2) Real estate property management, sales in Turkey and Europe.
3) Tailoring, clothes, textiles and fashion in Europe.

I prefer to work for private companies, enterprises, and non-governmental organizations, foundations.
(Unless it is absolutely necessary to work for state/government funded projects on which we might have to work…)

With ten years of research and development experience, I am a PhD educated engineer and a scientist. I am an expert in nuclear detectors, materials science and software & hardware related to these fields.

My Works and Studies Are Used In

in energy and power production: (On renewable technologies such as atomic energy, solar panels, wind power) ,
in computer vision and ranging ,
in astronomy & space,
in the construction of optical communication networks,
in biomedical imaging and medical diagnostics systems,
within new superior speed ‘quantum’ computer systems.


+90 (538) 340-6612